Environment Team Lighting Designer

Objective: To assist the Worship Arts Director and Environment Manager with worship space lighting.

Supervisor: Worship Manager


  • Programs lighting scheme for upcoming month

  • Works with Worship Arts Director and Environment Manager on direction of the lighting

  • Transfers completed lighting schemes through a file sharing service as needed

  • Works with environment team on upcoming set designs


  • Term: 1 year renewable commitment

  • Time: 2-5 hours/month, attends Environment Team meetings once per set design

  • Training: Scheduled trainings as needed

  • Enrichment: Actively learns about products and resources to enhance lighting production

  • Spiritual Growth: Regular worship and growth group participation encouraged

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

  • Age Requirement: 14+ years old

  • Skill Requirements:

    • Technology savvy

    • Specialized knowledge of or willing to learn equipment and software
    • Creative
  • Additional Requirement: Signed confidentiality agreement

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