Safety Volunteer

Objective: To ensure the safety of members and attendees during worship services.

Supervisor: Safety Team Leader


  • Observes and reports to a CrossWalk staff member all incidents including but not limited to: accidents, injuries, thefts, vandalism, unacceptable behavior and suspicious/unusual activity

  • Ensures the safety of children attending CrossWalk Kids by not permitting any person to enter that area without the proper registration tag

  • Verifies and collects child/parent registration tags as families leave CrossWalk Kids after worship services

  • Monitors both parking lots and patrols the campus at least once during worship service

  • Assists Registrars with CrossWalk Kids check-in (as back-up)


  • Term: 1 year renewable commitment

  • Time: 1 month scheduled on/off; 2 hours per week, plus special events such as Trunk-or-Treat

  • Training: Ability to train one Sunday before beginning to serve

  • Spiritual Growth: Regular worship and growth group participation encouraged

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

  • Age Requirement: 18+ years old

  • Class System Requirement: CrossWalk 101 Vow

  • Skill Requirements:

    • Standing/walking for 2 hours at a time

    • Background check required

  • Additional Requirements: Signed confidentiality agreement 

If interested in this volunteer position please fill out the form below: