Video Producer (Live Editor)

Objective: To assist the Production Manager with visually capturing and recording the worship service message to the web.

Supervisor:  Video Manager


  • Learns and maintains the setup of equipment, technical settings and smooth operation of the worship service

  • Effectively stores and transports equipment

  • Attends pre-service meeting (Holy Huddle) with Video Team Leader

  • Observes proper power-up and power-down procedures of equipment

  • Focuses on smooth slide editing

  • Collaborates with video/presentation personnel

  • Works closely with Video Camera Operator

  • Adjusts sound levels

  • Changes/charges video camera battery

  • Creates video series title feed to lobby monitor

  • Downloads necessary files to portable hard drives as well as camera card files

  • Organizes and assembles stored files

  • Organizes various ministry event footage to develop for future videos

  • Organizes special video files and distributes them appropriately

  • Attends video team meetings as needed


  • Term: 1 year renewable commitment

  • Time: 1 month scheduled on/off; 6 hours on scheduled Sunday

  • Training: Sunday morning mentorship

  • Enrichment:

    • Actively learns about products and resources to enhance video production

    • Attends other worship facilities and/or concerts for inspiration

    • Uses internet resources like YouTube for creativity

  • Spiritual Growth: Regular worship and growth group patricipation encouraged

Qualifications/Skills Needed:

  • Age Requirement: 14+ years old

  • Skill Requirements:

    • Technology savvy

    • Knowledge of or willing to learn VMix Computer Software, mini soundboards, Mac computers and video camera(s)

    • Able to stand for extended periods of time and lift heavy equipment

  • Additional Requirement: Signed confidentiality agreement

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