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Welcome to CrossWalk University! We have two groupings of classes that will help take your next step both spiritually and relationally here at CrossWalk: Christian Essentials and Bible Basics.

Whether it's understanding the most basic truths of Christianity, or deeply getting to know and understand God's love for you, we have a class for you. 

We recommend that you begin with Christian Essentials 1 – Connect. This is our basic membership class at CrossWalk. From there you can take the next step and next class that makes sense for you.

Christian Essentials 1 - Connect*
Connect with Jesus and other people at CrossWalk. Kick the tires of CrossWalk Church to see if it is a community that you would like to be part of. *Christian Essentials 1 is the Basic Baptized Membership Class for CrossWalk
Christian Essentials 2 - Grow
Get to know God better through his Word. Learn how to read the Bible, how to meditate on God's Word and how to cultivate a daily routine that keeps you close to God.
Christian Essentials 3 - Serve
Discover how God has uniquely gifted you for service in his Church. Take time to consider your personal gifts and interests and see how the Holy Spirit lines them up with ministry to make Christian service something you don’t have to do, but get to do.
Christian Essentials 4 - Share
Talk to other people about your faith with confidence and compassion. Don’t try to win religious arguments, but start conversations that show you love and care about them. Share your faith in a way that feels natural and makes sense.
Bible Basics
Bible Basics – This series of classes is exactly what the name implies. It gives a basic teaching of the Christian Faith and the overview of what is taught in the Bible. Each of these classes is taught as a growth group that meets weekly for 8-12 weeks. Bible Basics 1 – The Apostles Creed, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper** Bible Basics 2 – The 10 Commandments, Prayer, Forgiveness Bible Basics 3 – The Life of Jesus Bible Basics 4 – An Overview of the Bible **Bible Basics 1 is the membership class for those wishing to take the Lord’s Supper at CrossWalk.