Light In The Darkness


Light in the Darkness

It’s another move. After the move we made in September, we’ve gotten settled into a routine of Saturday nights, quick set-up, family-style worship, and having Sundays as a time of rest. With all of these benefits in play, it makes sense that we’d ask ourselves the question: Why another move?

The answer is, we’re people on a mission. That mission is to let the world know about the light in the darkness. And, as CrossWalk Midtown, our goal is to live out this calling in the Midtown area. Over the next few weeks and even beyond that, we invite you to take up this mission with us, to envision what it looks like to live authentically in the light of the gospel in Midtown—both as individuals and as a family on a mission together.

You’re probably wondering about the new logistics. We’re moving on March 7th to Camelback High School, 4612 North 28th Street, Phoenix, AZ. Service starts at 10 AM.

Yes, we’re moving back to Sunday mornings. But here’s what we promise you we won’t change. We’ll stay committed to sharing God’s words and promises with you. We’ll stay committed to fostering a spirit of authenticity and community. And, we’ll remain committed to living out our mission with God and with you as we reach out to the least, the last, and the lost. So, come on and #meetusatmidtown.


Hey, Midtowners! To help us celebrate our new location, we’re planning a special event on March 7th after church. We’ll hold this event on our new patio. We hope you’ll join us!

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