CrossWalk Acoustics

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What is CrossWalk Acoustics?

CrossWalk Acoustics is a five-song album of original songs written by members of CrossWalk Church.

Why are there only five songs?

As songwriters at CrossWalk continue to write music, we wanted to get a sample of some of the songs into the hands of our CrossWalk family.

Why an acoustic album?

While we do have drums and other instruments at CrossWalk, an acoustic album is very easy to record and produce. It took a total of three days to record this album (and a few more to mix and master). We saw an acoustic album as the quickest, easiest way to get our music into the hands of our CrossWalk family.

What are the future plans of CrossWalk music?

We are currently writing music for a full-length album. For questions, contact

Song List

Redemption Song

This song came to me during one of the harder periods of my life thus far. A month or so prior to writing this, I received news that I had developed a vocal cord polyp. Overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I worried my singing career was just about over. Of course, God graciously brought me out of this seemingly impossible situation and reminded me to trust in Him. Redemption Song was a simple response to our Savior's amazing mercy that I had experienced yet again. After months of vocal rest and voice therapy, God finally gave me my singing voice back, and this was the very first song that I performed. Praise God! -Joel

I have been redeemed
I am far from pure and holy
But God has chosen me
I have been restored
By the Father's love and mercy
I am not the same anymore

Oh, the Savior's love
The Savior's love
The Savior's love has brought me through
The Savior's love
The Savior's love
The Savior's love has made me new

I have been made clean
In a fountain of forgiveness
Where my sins become unseen
I have been renewed
By Jesus' selfless actions
There is hope for me, there is hope for you

Words & Music by Joel Kanitz. © 2012 CrossWalk Lutheran Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.


This song came out of a Message Series at CrossWalk called “Overflow.” Pastor Jeff focused on three spiritual blessings that we receive from God through Jesus: joy, blessing, and love. It’s so easy to lose focus on all the physical blessings that come from God’s hand, let alone the spiritual blessings. -Jonathan

You poured out the punishment I deserve
On your Son to show me what I'm worth
In Your heart there's always a place for me

My end was hopeless apart from You
My sin blinded me from the truth
That I stand perfect in all You've done
How could I contain the abundance of Your heart

You give me joy, more than my share
You fill me up with countless blessing
You give me love as You first loved me
My cup overflows

In our hearts the promises of Your Word
To break through the chains that held the earth
And shout forth the news of redeeming love
Ever tribe will bow, every nation sing
For the glory of the Savior King
And together in one voice declare Your praise

You fill me up ‘til I'm overflowing
You fill me up so I never run dry
You fill me up full of grace and mercy
Your love for me will never die

Words & Music by Jonathan Favorite & Joel Kanitz. © 2012 CrossWalk Lutheran Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Day I See You

I began writing this song after my grandpa passed away. Towards the end, I remember him always saying, "I want to go home." We'd reassure him every time that he was already in his own house. I finally realized he wasn't talking about his earthly home; he was ready for God to take him to his heavenly home. The Day I See You is about our longing for that perfection. We know it's achievable, but never through our own human efforts. What a God we have, that because of His selfless sacrifice, we will one day experience paradise with Him in heaven! -Joel

I walk through the door
I still hear your voice say hello
But you are longing, you are yearning
For the time the Father calls you home

Broken inside
You still keep a smile on your face
Because you are holding to the promise
Of a God who has given you His grace

I want to wake in the place where angels sing
And run to Your arms when You call for me
Whether that Day is far away or soon
I await the day that I see You

Laid down to rest
Never again will you weep
Because I know those who believe will never die
But only fall asleep

Waiting to run, free from the pain and the tears
That weigh me down
Praise to the One who took all my sin and fears
And gave me His crown

Words & Music by Joel Kanitz & Jonathan Favorite. © 2012 CrossWalk Lutheran Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

You Are My World

This was the first song we wrote for our church, and it was in celebration of the 5th anniversary of CrossWalk. God had done so much for us in our first five years of existence. We wanted to thank Him with a song that proclaims God as being the source of all good things; not only the blessings He has given our church, but the certainty of salvation through Jesus Christ. -Jonathan

Life has brought me down
I feel like I am lost and can't be found
And when I've given up You're still around
You pull me up

Take this broken clay
Restore it back to life to work today
Because of all Your goodness I will say
Your Name be praised

And in all of this You show

You are grace, You are love
You're an everlasting Savior
I am weak but You are strong
And I will praise Your Name forever
Praise Your Name forever
You are my world
You are my world

How could I pretend
That any of my works could ever mend
A love for me so great You chose to send
Your only Son

Your love is full and free
And Jesus' sacrifice has covered me
You've given me a life eternally
By grace alone

And in all of this I see

I am finally free
By what You've given for me
I'll be with You for eternity
When I look to the cross I see

Words & Music by Joel Kanitz & Jonathan Favorite. © 2012 CrossWalk Lutheran Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

Open My Eyes

The Holy Spirit changes our lives and strengthens our faith through the gospel, baptism, and communion. This song was an exciting collaboration between multiple songwriters at our church to tell of that truth that we see every week in the life of our church. -Jonathan

Lost in the waters, my life had gone astray
Caught in the fires, my heart had turned away
I need new mercies shown me every morning
I need a grace that never fades
Your Word has been to me the comfort that this world could never be

You open my eyes
You open my heart
You've captured my soul

Words of the Father, the darkness turned to light
Cross of the Savior, a selfless sacrifice
I stand here ransomed in the cleansing waters
I hold the promise of your Name
My heart is lifted by the freedom in the price that you have paid

Words & Music by Rachael Potter, Paul Montenieri, Jonathan Favorite & Joel Kanitz. © 2012 CrossWalk Lutheran Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.