Messy personal finance situations can wreak havoc on your life, your health, and your relationships. It's easy to feel as if there's no way out of the mess. It's easy to feel hopeless. 

There is a way out of the mess. There is hope.

Beginning January 22, 2017 CrossWalk will begin to show individuals and families how to “Breakthrough” the pain, frustration and hopelessness of poor personal finance. 

CrossWalk will offer Financial Peace University (FPU) classes every day of the week. We are inviting everyone at Crosswalk and our community to attend. If you have never been to an FPU class, you will find many tools that can help bring structure and hope to your financial situation.

We will also:

  • Define stewardship in terms of God’s ownership and our management.
  • Intentionally teach in a way that promotes biblical stewardship.
  • Reclaim biblical stewardship and guide our church to be godly mangers of all that God has given to them.

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