Searching For Meaning

Sometimes life throws us a big, fat curve ball. 

It may be just that we're on "overload." At other moments in life, we just feel dazed and deflated. Whatever it is you're feeling that's causing you to be searching for meaning and purpose in life, then CrossWalk is the church for you.

Every church is driven by something. For some churches its tradition, for others finances, programs, events, or even personalities. At CrossWalk, what drives us is the desire to reach out to people who are feeling lost, or who are hurting in life. We believe that God has a purpose and a mission in life for each and every person. 

In fact, we don't just believe it. We know God has a purpose and a mission for you. We know this because God already sent his Son, Jesus Christ, for you. Now we want to help you discover God's awesome purpose for you and help you get started on God's mission for your life.

If you're feeling disoriented about your direction in life, finding your decisions tough to make, or your next steps hard to take, check us out on a Sunday morning, or simply call the CrossWalk office at (602) 304-0072.  We're here to help!