Power of the Holy Spirit - 04/25/21

Power of the Holy Spirit

Lesson for the Week

Parents:  In the book of Acts we read that the disciples received power from the Holy Spirit to be witnesses. The word, witness, describes both a person and action. The disciples saw the amazing work of Jesus and were sent out to talk about it. Like the early followers, we are powered by the Holy Spirit to take in God’s Word, observe how Jesus works in our lives, and spread the news to others. 

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Family Activity

To remember that the Holy Spirit gives us the power to spread God’s Word, let’s make an art project. Use the templates found in the lesson below to cut out shapes and make a design utilizing construction paper or materials you have on hand. Explain the dove represents the Holy Spirit which comes from Luke 3:22 when Jesus was baptized and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in bodily form like a dove.