Since who we are and everything we possess leads back to God, he asks us for a portion of our possessions as an expression of thanksgiving. Your gift is a way to thank God, and a way to exercise your faith in God.

In considering our offering of thanks to him, God asks us to apply spiritual yardsticks to our giving, not mathematical ones. Here are some of those yardsticks: 

  • God asks for regular gifts. As often as he blesses us with income, he asks that we set aside a share for him.

  • God asks for first-fruits gifts; that is, we are to thank him from the first and best of our income and possessions. 

  • God asks for proportionate gifts. That means God doesn't look at the size of the gift, he looks at the size of the income it came from. 

  • God asks for joyful gifts, offerings that flow from a cheerful heart. 

  • And finally, God asks for gifts that are considered prayerfully in dialogue with him.

As his followers, we want to use his resources wisely and for his purposes. We operate within his provision and recognize our responsibility to manage the resources he provides with joy, integrity and faithfulness.

Have more questions?  Read more of what the Bible says about God and our management of his gifts in Christian Stewardship Is Taking God At His Word.

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