Hope When There is All Sorts of Trouble - 12/20/20

Hope When There is All Sorts of Trouble

Lesson for the Week

Parents: When the time came for Jesus to be born, Mary and Joseph were searching for a place to stay while a powerful king desired to harm him. Sounds like a hopeless situation! As we read In Matthew, we see God’s plan triumphed. Magi from the east worshipped baby Jesus and his location was kept safe. What can we learn from this? In the midst of our difficulties, we can trust God. There is always hope in Jesus, our King of kings. 

Download The Lesson & Family Activity 

Family Activity

The Magi worshipped the true King. Let’s make one of the Magi, or wisemen. Use a toilet paper roll, glue stick, and the materials provided in the craft packet. Start by glueing the face at the top of the roll, add the colored robe, beard, and sideburns. Finish it off by glueing the crown on top. Place the wiseman somewhere to remind your family to be wise and put Jesus above all. 

 *Craft packets for this lesson only available in December 2020.