Jesus' Baptism - 01/03/21

Jesus' Baptism

Lesson for the Week

Parents: John the Baptist didn’t pursue fame or fortune, however, he is well known for his mission in this world—to point people to Jesus. John knew Jesus was the Savior that the Old Testament spoke about. He wholeheartedly served Jesus, the King of kings, who washes our sins away. Let’s take a closer look at what happened with Jesus and John at the Jordan River.

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Family Activity

Let’s talk to our children about the blessings of Baptism and what it means. Write down or talk about your family member’s Baptism stories on the coloring sheet included in the lesson above. Look at photos, bring up the date, remember who was there, etc. 

Haven’t been baptized yet? Would you like more information? Let us know. We’d love to pray with you and help you take next steps.