Jesus Heals the Lepers - 01/17/21

Jesus Heals the Lepers

Lesson for the Week

Parents: Do you remember baby sign language? Before my little one learned to talk she learned the sign for thanks. When she was in grade school she occasionally forgot to say thank you. Instead of telling my child, a simple motion of the hand reminded her to thank the person. 

Our Bible story today highlights the power Jesus has to heal as well as the importance of giving Him thanks and praise. While we’re raising our children we model and teach this heart attitude each and everyday.

Download The Lesson & Family Activity 

Family Activity

As we know, children need to be taught to say thanks because it doesn't come to mind at times. Let’s put this lesson in action by writing a thank you note to someone that has been kind or generous to your family. Use the card found in the lesson link above or create your own.