Praise the Lord - 03/28/21

Praise the Lord

Lesson for the Week

Parents: Genuine words of affirmation and praise are vital for our relationships. In fact, it’s often the number one love language for people in our lives. It makes sense. We like when others appreciate us and give us recognition for a job well done. What about our relationship with the Lord? He has done immeasurably more than we can comprehend. The Lord is surpassingly great! He deserves our adoration and praise. 

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Family Activity

Today is a very special day, Palm Sunday. As Jesus, our King of kings, rode into Jerusalem on a donkey over 2,000 years ago; He received honor and praise from the people lining the streets. They waved palm branches as He passed by. Let’s make an art project and while your family does it sing or listen to praise music.  Color and cut out the palm leaf. Hang in your home to remind your family of this special day and to continue to “Praise the Lord!”.