Building Trust - 8/16/20

Building Trust 

Lesson for the Week

Parents:  Do your children ever have the attitude that they'd do well in better circumstances? Joseph found himself in a challenging place; he was in prison. How could he possibly do well there? As we learn from Joseph's life in the Bible, the Lord can make you successful even in the toughest places when you trust in Him. 

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Family Activity

Color the image of Joseph in the CWLK Kids craft. Add stone to the walls or incorporate your own creative details. Overlay the silver pipe cleaner, stick both ends in the opposite holes, and bend the tips down to secure to the backside of the project. While working on the craft ask the question, "In what places can we trust Jesus and shine bright for him?"

*Craft supplies are limited. Mailed packets for this lesson are only available during the month of August 2020.