End Time - 11/29/20

End Time 

Lesson for the Week

Parents: In the book of Daniel we learn about three men who stood firm to the end. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were willing to give up their lives instead of worshipping another god in the form of a golden image. They loved the Lord and put Him first. Let’s take a look at history with our child and see how we can apply these lessons to our lives. 

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Family Activity

We may not have to face a fiery furnace, but there are times when our struggles may feel like trial by fire. Let’s make a visual reminder that Jesus saves us. If you received the craft packet, cut out the flames and glue the smaller flame on top of the larger one. Draw wood grain on the cardstock square. Stick the flames ½” through the slit and tape on the backside of the cardstock. Lastly, curl the cardstock in a roll and tape it secure. Write "Jesus Saves" on the back of the red flame. 

 *Craft packets for this lesson only available in November 2020.