Stand Together - 10/11/20

Stand Together 

Lesson for the Week

Parents:  Paul's goals for the early church were to be united in love, have the full riches of understanding to know Jesus Christ, and to live their lives for Him. We would like the same for our children. Let's stand with Paul on the foundation of God's Word as we share these truths with them. 

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Family Activity

Let's try floating a paper clip on water. We learn real quick that it doesn't work because paper clips sink. Try bending one paper clip to make a holder for a second paper clip to rest on. Place the second paper clip flat on the paper clip holder, and gently lay the paper clip on the water. Can you believe the unbent paper clip can actually float on the surface of the water? Amazing! As we perform the activity with our children, point out that when we live in Jesus (like the paper ciip rests on the holder), He will enable us to do things we never thought we could!