Connect with Christ - 9/06/20

Connect with Christ

Lesson for the Week

Parents:  The verses from John 15:1-9 paint a beautiful picture of our relationship with God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son. All ages can visualize how a fruit bearing branch has to be attached to a strong vine to thrive. Let’s teach our kids the truth we learn in this passage found in the lesson—when we connect with Jesus we will experience what God wants for our lives.  

Download The Lesson & Family Activity 

Family Activity

Focus on the idea that when we are connected to Jesus Christ, we can be like a grape branch. Instead of growing grapes, we bear Fruits of the Spirit (love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, self-control). While coloring the page or designing the craft,* name people in your life that show one of the Fruits of the Spirit. If you’d like to take it one step further, reach out and let them know about it. 

*Craft supplies are limited. Mailed packets for this lesson are only available during the month of September 2020. The coloring page can be downloaded from the link above.