Connect with your Family - 9/13/20

Connect with your Family

Lesson for the Week

Parents:  God formed Adam and then formed Eve out Adam—they were united as one. God made us to be connected as a family. He created each of us special and unique as a potter molds clay. He continues to shape us through our relationships with family members and others. Let’s take a look at Genesis Chapter 2 with our kids.                                            

Download The Lesson & Family Activity 

Family Activity

While coloring the page or molding the Crayola Air-Dry Clay think about how God made Adam and Eve special and unique just like He designed and made you and each one of your family members. If you received the craft packet*, the clay can be shaped, detailed, and dried on the template. After 2 days it can be painted with watercolor or acrylic paint. 

*Craft supplies are limited. Mailed packets for this lesson are only available during the month of September 2020. The coloring page can be downloaded from the link above.