Resilient Ministry


Ask the world for its advice about changing life-consuming habits and it will load you down with rules and tasks. The world will inevitably suggest some steps for you to take, some principals for you to obey, and some strategies for you to follow. When you boil down all the world’s collective wisdom to its essence, one phrase will be left: work harder.

Resilient Ministry is different. Here you will learn to rest in Jesus and his care.

Each Saturday night at 6:00 PM we meet corporately to pray together and review important bible verses. Then we break off into men’s and women’s small groups to share our stories and study God’s word. Newcomers are warmly welcomed. No one’s problems are too insignificant or too overwhelming. We want you to join us this Saturday! We meet on the campus of Cesar Chavez High School.

RESILIENT Ministry offers several ways to get connected. You can write to us at to learn more about this ministry and find out how RESILIENT could be helpful to you.

RESILIENT Ministry also offers a confidential bi-weekly devotional via email. Learn more about the conviction and comfort found in God’s word: send us an email to join.

RESILIENT Ministry website:

Finally, we co-host a facebook page with a fellow recovery ministry on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Come see our page and like us. We provide important updates and other fun stuff on this facebook page.