Covid-19 Update

We will be streaming services online each Sunday at 9 & 11am until further notice. Continue to check back for CrossWalk updates regarding COVID-19.

Crosswalk News

In light of the report given and requests made on Monday, June 29, by Governor Doug Ducey, CrossWalk has adjusted our plans for restarting in-person worship.

 We will NOT be opening CrossWalk for large group worship on July 12, 2020 as originally planned. We are eyeing a day in the middle of August, near the time when schools will open, as the time when we will restart.


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In light of the announcements made on Friday, May 22, regarding reopening churches by President Trump and Deborah Birx of the CDC, we want to take a moment and bring you up to speed with regard to our current thinking when it comes to reopening CrossWalk for large worship gatherings.

To preview in summary what you will find below, here's a brief of this update:

We're planning not...

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CrossWalk is collecting various items and making face masks for the Laveen Elementary School District and Madison Camelview Elementary School as a way to "Outreach to the community we live in"! The drive will go from June 1-July 30. 

For all information and to get involved please click on this link. 


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For the past several weeks at our church, staff and a number of very dedicated volunteers have been busy working on a number of initiatives in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please continue to keep these devoted Christ-followers in your prayers.

Guiding Principles

1. God is still in control, as he always has been. He still loves the world. In this crisis,...

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CrossWalk Connect is a place for us to come together and share free resources during the current pandemic. Check it out here on facebook. 

We'll continue to make annoucements via social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter  

Growth groups are still meeting virtually. 

Click here to sign up for a virtual group. 


If you have any questions please contact for more information. 

Beginning January 1, we will be reading the Bible together using the plan The Balanced Bible Reading Plan on the You Version Bible app. Click here to join!

Thank you for being willing to share your wealth generously toward our vision of having a Lighthouse, a Landmark and a Launch Pad at the gateway to Laveen with our own property and facility at 59th Ave. and Baseline. Since April 1, a total of 47 pledge cards have been...

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Alpha is a non-political, pro-life organization dedicated to a two-fold purpose: 1) To give troubled women sound Bibical resources and alternatives to abortion and provide them with the support necessary to bring their babies to term; and 2) to witness to the mercy and forgiveness of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Alpha serves any woman who desires...

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Arizona is in a foster care crisis. Each of us can do something to show the love of Jesus to a foster child and the people who take care of them. Did you know we have families right here at Crosswalk that are already serving foster children? Here are some ways you can support their efforts:
1. Pray for foster and adoptive parents, children and biological families 2. Be a respite...
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