Hate Going to Church?

If you hate going to church, we understand. 

Studies show that many men, and more and more women too, will not even set foot inside a church today. Way too much of church is boring and irrelevant. Many of us feel like we don't have time. We don't want to be constantly asked for money. And frankly, many of us believe church is for wimps. Beyond all that, the number one reason most of us don't like to go to church is obvious -- there are way too many hypocrites there!

If you hate going to church, CrossWalk was built with you in mind. At CrossWalk we're casual in our approach, yet what we have to communicate is extremely serious stuff. We strive to make every message and every service relevant and applicable to real life, as well as excellent in quality. At the same time, you can come to church in your jeans, or your shorts (or even in your jean shorts) and feel perfectly comfortable in one of our services. Drop your kids off at CrossWalk Kids, and make your way to the main auditorium to settle in for a high-octane hour of power-learning about God.

The early Christians were not lambs. They were lions -- take-charge people who risked everything they had to serve God. They fought valiantly for their faith in God. They spoke their minds and stepped on toes, especially the toes of the religious establishment. They were true leaders -- tough guys and gals who were both feared and respected in their communities. They weren't always "saintly," but they had an intense commitment to God and to his message. That's the kind of church CrossWalk is striving to become.

If you're looking for a church that will:

  • Meet you wherever you're at
  • Engage you where your soul meets real life
  • Teach you, not preach at you
  • Help you really, deeply understand what's in the Bible
  • Challenge you to wholehearted faith in God
  • And do all of that in a way that's not wimpy or hypocritical

-then we challenge you to check out CrossWalk!