Bulletproof Identity

Jesus tells us exactly who he is. He does so, in fact, many times over in beautiful pictures. “I am the bread… I am the light… I am the way, the truth and the life.” When Jesus tells who he is, there’s a vital benefit to us. Jesus’ identity is pure good news for us. And in that good news of who Jesus is, we find out exactly who we are and who we can become. The end result is, when we more firmly recognize who Jesus is, we much more firmly come to understand who we are! That gives us an identity that cannot be shaken by the opinions and comparisons of others good or bad, by success or lack of success, by dreams fulfilled or left unfulfilled. Our identity becomes bulletproof, so that we can say, “I just can’t not know who I am anymore!"

The Resurrection and the Life
April 20, 2014

If Christ has not been raised, what hope is there either in this life or the next? Yet, there are times when we may even question this fact. In this lesson, Pastor Dan and Pastor Jeff talk about these kinds of doubts, and how the resolution of these doubts and believing the Gospel is ultimately what creates our bulletproof identity.

Good Friday
April 18, 2014

There are a number of messages about what Christianity means. Is it a way of maintaining a moral majority? Is it a way for us to earn our way into heaven? Or, is the answer to what Christianity is something else altogether? In these messages, Pastor Jeff and Pastor Dan speak about the core message of the Christian faith, how this is seen in Good Friday, and what all of this means for us today.

The Vine
April 13, 2014 Dan Solofra

There are times when God may prune us. When he does this, there may be pain as things, even things that we have allowed to become part of our identity are cut away. In this sermon, Pastor Dan talks about this pruning and how God may use it to accomplish purposes that are different than what we might imagine.

The Way
April 6, 2014 Jeff Gunn

Have you ever been in a place where your life has been shaken, where nothing seems to be working the way that we think that it should? What do we do when life doesn’t seem to follow the trajectory that we think that it should? How can we have faith in these times? In this sermon, Pastor Jeff talks about how the disciples tackled these very questions and the hope that we can have in Jesus even in the middle of times that don’t seem to make sense.

The Shepherd
March 30, 2014 Jeff Gunn

We all have people who we let speak into our lives. Sometimes these people speak negative messages into our lives that may shake our sense of identity and self-confidence. In this sermon, Pastor Jeff answers the question: Who should we let speak into our lives? He also shares with us four Gospel truths critical to our understanding who we are.

The Light of the World
March 23, 2014 Dan Solofra

Have you ever tried searching for something in the dark? If you have, you have probably found this task difficult if not impossible. In this sermon, Pastor Dan talks about how Jesus is the light of the world and what this means for us in our search for fulfillment and our identity.

The Living Bread
March 16, 2014 Dan Solofra

In stressful times in life, our identity may be challenged. This may cause us to ask: Who am I? We can get our ideas about who we are from roles or other things about ourselves and our earthly relationships. Or, we can find the answer to the question of who we are in what God says about us. In this sermon by Pastor Dan, we learn more about God’s unchanging identity and how understanding our own identity in the light of God’s allows us to have identities that are bulletproof.